ND-92 organic cinnamon hollow fiber finishing agent

ND-92 is a finishing agent for polyester three-dimensional hollow fibers, which contains various active groups such as amino groups, and can replace imported similar products. The fibers treated with it have an extremely smooth feel and have the characteristics of elastic feet.
Appearance: uniform lotion with blue light and white color, solid content: 40 ± 2, PH value: 8-11
Ionic type: cationic and amino content: mol/kg>40%, solubility: soluble in cationic and non ionic agents;
Acid resistance stability: pH=2.5, no delamination within 24 hours, alkali resistance stability: PH=12 5 hours, 24 hours without layering;
Temperature resistance strength: no demulsification at<200 ℃.
Outer gauge: colorless transparent liquid; Content: (chromatography) > 97%;
Refractive index: N250:1.42B5-1.4275, relative density: D2525:1.06-1.08
Boiling range: ℃ 115-125/2mmHg; Stability: 5% water solubility, good stability
Purity: ≥ 10% ammoniated substance:<0.005%, nitrate: within the limit;
Sulfate: < 0.005%, heavy metal (lead): < 0.005%, iron: < 0.005%, ammonium: < 0.05%, water-soluble substance: within the limit.
[Allocation method]
(AJ-1) A            600KG            6 copies
(AJ-1) B            300KG            3 copies
AJ-3                 100KG            1 share
AJ-2                 30KG              0.25 parts
[Application Bath Ratio]
Spray process: 1 to 5-8
Dip rolling process: 1 to 9-15
Products should be stored in clean and sealed plastic or iron barrels;
The product is non-toxic, pollution-free, and corrosion free. Transport as non hazardous goods;
Product shelf life is six months