Diethylene glycol dibutyl ether

Structural formula

PVC and latex used as a diluent, is also used to extract fatty acids from dilute solutions, the alkyl phosphoric acid separation and purification of uranium extraction, synthetic fragrances, pharmaceutical industry.

Molecular formula


Molecular weight 218.34
CAS 112-73-2
EINECS RN 204-001-9
InChI 1S/C12H26O3/c1-3-5-7-13-9-11-15-12-10-14-8-6-4-2/h3-12H2,1-2H3
Appearance colorless transparent liquid
Boiling point(101.3kPa) 256℃(251.31)
Freezing point -60.2
Specific gravity(25℃/4℃)  
Refractive index(25℃) (1.4225-1.4245)
Flash point 243℃(101℃)
Melting point -60℃
Density 0.885g/mL
Surface tension(mN/M)20℃ 26.91
Solubility 0.3%水
Viscosity(20℃) 2.3
Chemical properties

Stable property, with oxygen to form Peroxide.

Purity(GC)% ≥99.0
Moisture% ≤0.1
Acidity(as HAC)% ≤0.015
Peroxide(as H2O2)% ≤0.01(0.005)
Packing 180kg