LX-1 one-component Super-smooth High resilience Silicone oil finishing agent

LX-1 is a one-component silicone finishing agent (the other: as finishing additive case T-102), which contains a variety of active groups, and can replace similar imported products, treated by their three-dimensional hollow and ordinary hollow fiber with a Super-smooth, elastic foot, rub resistance and strong, simple and convenient.

1, Suitable for: suitable for polyester hollow after finishing the short fiber, the fiber play a smooth effect and high elasticity.

2, Performance characteristic table


Main components



Blue uniform with white emulsion

Milky white or slightly yellow liquid


38 ± 2%

46 ± 2%


8 to 11



Weak cationic



3, Method of use

1) When used in 0.5D ~ 3D polyester

Sump padding: the T-102 by 4 to 5 percent a main component added to the main component, stir, then oil and water ratio of 1: 8 to 10 with bath;

Curl Spray ago: oil and water by 1: 6 ratio, the proposed two-nozzle.

In the padding bath, the mother liquor after use 1h, to start additional crude oil per ton of water can be 2kg / h supplemented, and visual smoothness conditions.

2) When the time for 6D ~ 20D polyester

After Curl Spray: Silicone oil with water by 1: 8 to 10 ratio, the spray nozzle is recommended four of the above, the gun pressure is moderate, so good atomization effect, oiling more uniform.

For greater flexibility and hardness, can be added to the Company's production of YM oil agent. YM oil agent may be added to the preheating tank, Dosage is 2 to 3% of the tank base water use after 1h start additional YM oil agent, 2 ~ 3kg / h, also visible hardness and elasticity conditions.

4, supply conditions of Post-weaving Silicone oil

1) the location and method of supply

The best way to supply two-dimensional (padding, spray):

D Best Fuel method (spray):

2) oven temperature:

[A] preheating zone area: 140 ℃ 
[II] drying zone: 170 ~ 190 ℃, the highest not be greater than 210 ℃

District cooling zone [three]: 140 ℃

3) optimum fiber oiling rate of 0.3% to 0.4% by weight, per ton of fiber used Silicone oil 8kg ~ 10kg.

5, Cautions

1) This product has good compatibility with cationic and non - ionic , can not be used with anionic.

2) The product should be stored in clean, sealed plastic or steel drum, shelf life is six months.