Polyester oil agent JX-99 Pre-weaving


Polyester oil agent JX-99 Pre-weaving is a top-grade polyester fiber finishing agent made of anionic surfactants and non-ionic surfactants, through its polyester fiber treated with a good cluster, lubricating and antistatic properties, ideal for Pre-weaving finishing of fine denier polyester staple fibers.

[Physical and chemical properties]


JX-99 Pre-weaving


colorless transparent liquid


anionic & non-ionic surfactants



PH value (1% Aq. solution)




Emulsion stability




Coefficient of kinetic friction


Static friction coefficient


[Characteristics and advantages]

1, Oiling after fine denier fiber has excellent cluster, antistatic ability, thus in cotton fiber spinning process closely, and the tensile evenly.

2, Agent suitable Coefficient of kinetic friction and the Static friction Coefficient can make the stable control of floating fibers, and Laura good grip, there will be no skid, which can ensure uniform fiber drawing.

3, no excitant odor in the processing course.

4, Green & environmental protection.

[Method of use]

Dosage : 10~15Kg/1000L

Method: Preparation (Agent directly add to the dilution kettle , stir to mix well) -oiling

Specific technology users according to the sample, please take into consideration the circumstances (need to improve fiber cluster, can increase oil Dosage).


1, diluted emulsion should not be stored for a long time.

2, can not be used with cationic surfactants, otherwise there will be precipitation.

3, will be a small amount of floc in the winter, does not affect the use effect after the shake.

[Storage and packaging]

This product is a non-dangerous goods, avoid contact with eyes, transport according to non-dangerous goods. Storage, sealed, avoid light preservation. or following your demands, shelf-life is six months.